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"The CBX is the Vincent of the Future!" - Pete Ahrens

The CBX: Ultracommuter and Street Bomber!

Dedicated to the preservation of the CBX Motorcycle


"The West is the Best." - Jim Morrison

CBX Stuff from Around the Pacific Rim and Beyond

Pete Ruff's VFR-sourced single sided swingarm project is well on the way to Roadworthiness...

We were recently asked if we knew of any frame makers working with the CBX.

Our SoCal correspondent Chris Mee offers us proof that in the Realm of the Motorcycle, Beauty is truly far more than skin deep: a Spondon frame for the CBX. Note the many other signs of exquisitely good breeding.

Our Hong Kong correspondent Ian Foster sends along the latest in Kowloon fashion...

CBXtreaming...electrical failure between Vandenberg and Lompoc...Many Thanks to Honda of Lompoc!

Yo! Montana Crazies and Steamboat Springs Sojourners!
Hey! Midwest Putters and Mid-Atlantic Boy-Racers!
Oy! LA Lane Splitters and London Chunnel Jumpers!

CBXers Go Vintage Racing at Steamboat

EXTRA! Drunks and Bums Sighted Near Morro Bay!

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Dedicated to the Preservation of the CBX Motorcycle