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Dedicated to the preservation of the CBX Motorcycle

To Morro!

Home of the 1998 ICOA West Coast National Meet!

Every year at the end of Summer, California CBXers gather in Morro Bay to reaffirm and seal the Camaraderie of the SIX.

This Meet has also become the traditional Last Stop for the renowned Drunks and Bums Tour from California to Montana and Back...

This year 30 stalwarts checked in to the Keystone on Morro Bay's Main Street, a block from the Embarcadero, fishing boat harbor, and Morro Rock...
(Above, Gary Allen arrives at the Keystone on his well-prepared CBX in full leather regalia.)

Across the South Bay Friday morning urban madhouse, fall south one hundred-twenty miles to King City, then bear southwest over the coastal range above Lake Nacimiento...

Tom Sullivan guards the goods whilst his pards offer libation to the watershed.

Due west out of Paso Robles and you're there, keg of beer (graciously supplied by our Keystone hosts, the Stewarts) and a whole bunch of CBX Motorcycles and their Owners, all of them as glad to see one another as Mountain Men at a Rendezvous...

Camaraderie of the SIX.


After a weekend of debauchery, an operatic howl of CBX's down the highway to San Luis Obispo, some tire-kicking and road blitzing, Sunday Morning all-too-soon brings a great breakfast at Kitty's and farewells amid the orchestration of the ritual mass photograph...

ICOA Central California Director Rod Libby reviews the iron cavalry.

Then we are gone...

The road north to Hollister.

Mean odometer reading of the 18 CBX Motorcycles present late Friday afternoon (the Turbo didn't have an odometer!): 31301.83 miles.

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Dedicated to the Preservation of the CBX Motorcycle
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Dedicated to the Preservation of the CBX Motorcycle