West Coast CBX

"The CBX is the Vincent of the Future!" - Pete Ahrens

The Corbin Saddle greatly enhances the comfort of the 1981 and 1982 CBX

Dedicated to the preservation of the CBX Motorcycle

Frequently and Not So Frequently Asked Questions about the CBX

Q. How many cylinders has that thing got?

A. Assuming the century-old standard of one exhaust header per combustion chamber, apparently more than you can count.

Q. What is that funny chattering noise coming from the left end of the crank?

A. Your alternator clutch is heated and slipping. I'll trade you this '72 Triumph for it.

Q. Jeez, that thing looks new!

A. It's a twenty year old Honda with 60,000 miles on it. It is new.

Q. My voltmeter is reading under 11 at 7000 RPM and I have to charge my battery every time I stop. Is something amiss?

A. Yes, your CBX is a basket case. I'll take it off your hands for $100.

And from the annals of the CBX maillist, the following excellent advice, to be taken daily...

Q. My rear brake pedal is stuck and the brake pads don't want to squeeze. What should I do?

A. Take out your shaft, clean it with emery paper, and grease it with waterproof grease. This fixed mine.

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Dedicated to the Preservation of the CBX Motorcycle
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Dedicated to the Preservation of the CBX Motorcycle