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They Went Dillaway!

North Carolina CBXer George Dillaway has taken the CBX farther around a racetrack than anyone else to date in the U.S.
Let's check his laptimes...

George makes his infield play...

Original Sport Photos (c) Andy Chadwell 1997

At Road Atlanta WERA,
George puts Six on 53...

Original Sport Photos (c) Andy Chadwell 1997

George tells us he's back in school. Course synopsis:

Class of Rockingham, '97, and the Dillaway Yearbook.
George has done some great stuff with his racebike evolution, and he says he couldn't have done it without Tim Ware at TIMS, Bob Franzke at NOS, Tim Cowick (Cowicks Mufflers in Luberton, NC), Meridian Motorcycles in Fayetteville, NC, J & JJ Purnell (Mids Motorcycle Salvage), and Nigel Patrick (Patrick Racing), and many thanks to North Carolina Sports Photographer Andy Chadwell (770-339-7276). Now George is talking about the pilgimmage to Indianapolis Raceway Park this summer.
West Coast CBX wishes him luck!

George's next project: land speed bike!

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Dedicated to the Preservation of the CBX Motorcycle