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Let's putt around the 1980 CBX Super Sport in our Hotel California garage to see how a few simple bolt-on bits are going to impact our Significant Other's meticulous budget for that luxurious second honeymoon in Europe this Fall...

Just wander around the bike above with your cursor, or scroll down a bit.

Russell steel braided brake lines, from TIMS Motorcycle Supply, $109.70.

Dunlop K591 100/90V19 front tire, from Honda Peninsula, $132.99.

Front brake pads, around $40.

Cafe fairing, about $50.

University of California at Santa Cruz snake sticker on cafe fairing, Free.

UC Santa Cruz education for daughter who gave me the sticker, $40,000.

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Corbin Gunfighter Saddle, $216.38.
Hand painted side covers,
first appeared in the Winter '91 CBXPress.
Maybe not professional, but as much character as
Lee Marvin in The Wild One. So, they're priceless.

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Dunlop K591 130/80V18 rear tire, from Honda Peninsula, $128.50.

Drive chain (always use top of the line RK or Tsubaki) from Honda Peninsula, $99.98.

The 80 CBX is a lot easier on chains than the 79, probably because of the change in primary drive gear and chain link size.
Works Performance shocks, direct from Works Performance, $338.59.
Works Performance Products, 21045 Osborne Street, Canoga Park, CA 91304, (818)701-1010

You have to enlarge the chain guard cut-out.

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Works Performance shocks, direct from Works Performance (address above), $338.59.

Perfect fit on the right.
Both sides take the spacer provided by Works Performance at the top.
The bottom accepts a clevis bolt sourced from the Honda parts inventory.

Russell steel braided brake lines, from TIMS Motorcycle Supply, $109.70.

Rear brake pads, around $20.

DG 6 into 1 exhaust. I got mine off my 1981 CBX, $3500.
But you can get them new from TIMS Motorcycle Supply, $364.

When you get the revs up, the 6 into 1 sounds like a Ferrari.

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Some of the internals, alternator brushes, $24,
and copper exhaust gaskets, $15, from TIMS Motorcycle Supply.
Valve adjustment and carb sync at Honda Peninsula, $366.

Well, I kind of lost track of the cash flow back at Lee Marvin, but I'm pretty sure that second honeymoon is going to have to be in Morro Bay.
See you there!

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Dedicated to the Preservation of the CBX Motorcycle