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3rd Annual Drunks and Bums Tour to Montana and Back Sighted Near Morro Bay!

Our correspondent Pete Ruff scoops the world with this report...

Above, the Idaho Backroads Cafe, in Kooskia, Idaho. It is at the 'bottom' end of the Lolo Pass highway. This has become a traditional lunch stop after the fabulous Lolo trail ride.

Here, 3D&Bers at a stop on the Lolo Trail highway.

From the summit at the Idaho-Montana border, the road curves west for 77 miles. Picture perfect road, smooth, wide, good turns, great scenery. Here we stopped for a break and to get wet. Darrell is NOT wearing his riding clothes. He is preparing to go skinny dipping.

The five 3D&Bers at Crater Lake.

L-R Dave Gaines, Herb Marcus, Darrell Peck, Steve Shulz (Grimly muddling through on a Beemer -Ed.), and Yours Truly.

The lineup of the Drunks and Bums bikes.

Again L-R they are Dave's, Darrell's, mine, Herb's, and Steves unmentionable brand.

A quick stop to regroup and refresh in Central Oregon.

Next stop:


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Dedicated to the Preservation of the CBX Motorcycle
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Dedicated to the Preservation of the CBX Motorcycle